Water and Flood Sensors

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We are specialized dealers in Water and Flood Sensors. Our supply chain delivers to both retail & home users. They can be used in both
private and public places.

Advanced detection

Damage from water leakage or flooding can leave a lasting impact on your property. Our
water/flood sensors are designed to evade a potential disaster as water damage can take
a toll not only on your belongings but also on your financial condition in the form of repairs.

Water and Flood Sensor nairobi kenya
Water and Flood Sensor nairobi kenya
Quick detection

Designed to offer effective prevention against accidental flooding, our range of water and
flood sensors are highly sensitive to water leaks and unchecked water flow. They provide
ample time to stop the leakage or move valuables out of flood areas. You can install the
sensors on the basements, underneath sinks, behind washing machines and near other
appliances connected to water lines.

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